Beat the Heat!

Beat the Heat!

Beat the Heat

The days are longer and the weather is finally turning warmer here in Nashville! The end of the school year is approaching, more outdoor festivals are happening and the pools are starting to open up. It’s time to spend more time outside! But we all know with the warmer temperatures upon us, also comes the humidity. Some love it but for others it’s not so much fun. Having AC to hide away from the summer heat, sounds like a dream most days. Staying inside though, you’ll miss out on all the fun! We may not have a beach close by for us to drive to easily on the weekends, but there are plenty of ways to cool down this summer without having to stay inside or drive too far.

The Nashville Guide has compiled a list of popular places to go and things to do in order to beat the summer heat:

  • Unique hotel pools
  • Various water sports (including rentals)
  • River trips
  • Boat rentals
  • Hiking near waterfalls
  • Waterparks
  • Kids splash parks

There are so many more than those listed on their page, so take the time to research the things that interest you and make your own summer adventure list! Plan a staycation even if you can’t get a weekend away! Remember my blog about the benefits of making sure you get your daily dose of sunshine? These are all fun ways to get that much needed Vitamin D in and reap the benefits without much thought - but don’t forget the sunscreen!

Simple Ways to Beat the Heat

Now I know there are those days that are just way too hot and the humidity is just way too high to even think about getting outside. Even the weather forecaster will recommend you staying inside during certain times of the day when it’s later in the summer or the humidity is just too high. That’s where the AC is much needed for sure! However, running your AC too hard of course creates more energy usage and makes your electric bill skyrocket! And unfortunately there are some people without central AC so figuring out ways to cool yourself and your home down during the hotter months can become tricky.

I am lucky to have central AC in my apartment! While reading my monthly newsletter from my complex though, I learned a couple things that I didn’t know about the units that are supplying this wonderful cooler air into our spaces:

  • Setting your thermostat to run on a schedule (i.e. having your AC not turn on until about an hour before you get home), actually overworks your AC unit and can cause it to break down easier or require more maintenance. Also if you do not keep your thermostat at a consistent temperature and have it fluctuate on a schedule instead, you will notice a huge increase in your electric bill!
  • Don’t expect your AC unit to cool your home more than 15 degrees less than what it is outside. For example if it is a scorching hot 90 degree day outside, expecting your AC to truly make your entire space less than 75 degrees in your home is unrealistic. It may go past there for a bit, but in the long run will cause your AC unit again to overwork itself.

No one wants to be without their beloved AC! And those of you without the central units that most places have these days, could use as many ways as possible in knowing how to stay cooler for less. REAL SIMPLE asked experts for their best hacks for beating the heat in order to stay cooler and more comfortable this summer without watching your utility bills go through the roof! I will for sure be trying some of these out myself so as to not overwork my AC this summer and to maybe even save a few dollars while I’m at it:

  • Create a DIY air conditioner - so many low cost ideas for these on Pinterest!
  • Spray yourself with cold water - Dollar Tree has small spray bottles for cheap! Keep one of these filled with water in the refrigerator and spritz yourself when it gets too hot. Did you know as the water evaporates, it cools you?
  • Turn off your computer - Set it to go into low-power “sleep” mode if you are away from it for more than 10 minutes and it will give off less heat. When you’re done with it for the day, shut it down completely.
  • Air dry your dishes - run your dishwasher at night and skip the drying cycle on your dishwasher. When the cleaning cycle is done, open the door to let the dishes dry. Or even better, hand wash your dishes.
  • Dress in loose clothing - loose clothes allow air movement next to the skin and help with evaporation.
  • Go barefoot - as the sweat on your feet evaporates, it cools the skin and the blood in your feet. Blood vessels then whisk that blood to other parts of the body.
  • Stay hydrated - replace the moisture that you are losing as you sweat and drink more water. As you lose water to dehydration, your body temperature rises. In case you missed it, check out the blog “H 2 the O” I did on the importance of getting your water in and tips on how to stay hydrated.
  • Opt for fruits and vegetables - these foods are watery and help keep you hydrated and cooler rather than that hamburger or hot dog off the grill.
  • Hang your clothes to dry - hanging these outside gives that fresh smell to your laundry as well as saves energy (and heat) to your home.
  • Make a cold compress - fill a cotton sock with rice, tie the sock with twine, and freeze it for two hours before bed. Slide it in between your sheets - rice retains cold for a long period because it’s dense and starchy.
  • Upgrade your bedroom - revamp your bedroom routine and consider getting cooling sheets or a cooling comforter. Also, run a window fan at night - the trick is to face the blades towards the outside to suck the hot air outside and pull cooler air in.

  • I had to save the best tip for last as that is one we can help you with! It’s a no brainer for sure!


  • Don’t turn on the oven - if you do cook, use the stove top, the microwave or outdoor grill. Grill some extra veggies and make a cold salad the next day.

    How to Stay Cool in the Heat

    Or even better, let us here at Eat Well Nashville make your meals! Order by our deadline of Friday at 12:00pm and choose a delivery or pickup date of Sunday or Monday. The meals are fully cooked and only require heating 1-2 minutes in the microwave. No heating up the house with the oven or the stove even. Fresh, fully-cooked, ready to go meals that will help you stay on track with your nutrition, stay cooler and get outside faster to enjoy this gorgeous weather and enjoy the beautiful city we live in.

    Eat Well Nashville


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