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Frequently Asked Questions

Online vs Retail

You can pre-order your meals online for delivery or pickup. We delivery on Sundays and Mondays. Or you can purchase meals from one of our retail grab & go locations.

Delivery & Pickup

For online orders you can choose between free pickup, or delivery. You will find a list of pickup locations and delivery availability when entering your zip code on the menu page.

We deliver to most of the greater Nashville and Chattanooga areas including Franklin, Nolensville, Murfreesboro, Mount Juliet and Cleveland.

Delivery Window

Our order cutoff is every Friday, 8am for Chattanooga, and 10:15am for Nashville orders. We offer delivery & pickup options for Sunday & Monday dependent on location.

Deliveries are made on Monday & Sunday of each week in Nashville, and Mondays in Chattanooga, usually between 9 and 6pm. You will receive a text the morning of delivery with a more precise ETA.

Shelf Life

Our meals stay fresh between 8-10 days from when you receive your delivery. Refrigerated immediately upon receiving your order. All our meals come with a 'use by' date and can be frozen before their expiration.

Quality & Ingredients

We are very picky when it comes to what goes into our meals. We are GMO, antibiotic and hormone free and use a combination of organic, local and 'conventional' products. Our meats are always hormone free, antibiotic free and raised naturally. Most of our meals are gluten-free and lactose or dairy free.

Each meal is packaged with a label containing all the ingredients and nutritional information. You can also filter the menu page based on dietary preferences.


We have two kitchens, one in Chattanooga and one in Nashville. This helps us ensure that our meals are as fresh and local as possible.

We also have three retail locations in Chattanooga located at: 601 Cherokee Blvd, 203 E Main St, and Erlanger Medical Mall. We also have over a dozen online-pickup locations which can be found during checkout upon entering your zip code.

Bag Return

Feel free to keep one of our insulated tote bags, that one is on us.

Any additional bags received we ask that you leave out for our drivers to pickup, or dropped off at one of the pickup locations. We recycle the bags in order to help keep our shipping costs lower.

Order Cancellations/Edits

Sometimes plans change and orders need to be cancelled/edited - we get it!

That being said, orders must be cancelled/edited prior to our weekly cutoff on Friday mornings. Keep in mind, subscription orders are generated earlier in the week so make changes before your order processes or reach out to us to request edits prior to Friday cutoff.

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