Meal Delivery and Food Delivery Reign Supreme During Quaratine (COVID-19)

Meal Delivery and Food Delivery Reign Supreme During Quaratine (COVID-19)

We are living in some strange times right now...We are all working from home, home-schooling our kids, binging TV shows, and trying not to go insane while we are social-distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19. During this pandemic, obtaining food has also been very strange. Some of us are making the trek to the crowded, empty grocery stores and the other half are relying on meal delivery services, grocery delivery services, and food delivery from restaurants. 
Empty Grocery Shelves After Quarantine Announcement (COVID-19)

We believe the delivery options are the better option for everyone and here are our reasons why:

  • Grocery stores are crowded, unsafe, & lacking inventory at this time.
  • Meal, Food, & Grocery delivery services bring the food right to your front door, which keeps you and your family out of harm's way.
  • Using these delivery services provides employment to people who have lost their jobs due to non-essential businesses closing down temporarily.
  • Using local meal delivery services or food delivery services helps support local businesses and restaurants.
Grocery delivery (Instacart)
Positives: Grocery delivery is a good alternative that allows you to avoid the crowds and limits the chances of you catching COVID-19.
Negatives: Sometimes you can end up with the wrong items or no items at all based on the inventory available or human error with the grocery pickers. There can also be pricey fees attached to the order depending on the delivery distance!


Food delivery (Postmates, Uber Eats, Door Dash)
Positives: Awesome alternative because you get to support local restaurants!  Negatives: Food delivery services charge large delivery fees and restaurant food can be pricey if used multiple days in a row.


Meal delivery / Prepared meal delivery (Eat Well Nashville)
Positives: Meal delivery is affordable, can save you tons of time, and the food is delicious.
Negatives: You might love it too much and start to rely on the service for every meal.

prepared meal delivery 

In summary, we suggest you avoid the crowded grocery stores for two main help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to help people stay employed by using meal delivery services, food delivery services, and grocery delivery services.
Eat Well Nashville is a prepared meal delivery service that cooks and delivers ready-to-eat meals to your home or office. There are no subscriptions or grocery trips required. All you have to do is visit and order your meals by 11 A.M. on Fridays for Sunday or Monday delivery.
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